Is It Safe to Have Sex During Menstruation?

Here’s what you want to recognize approximately having intercourse at some stage in that point of the month.

Just due to the fact you`re having your duration would not imply you need to forego sexual pastime. For a few ladies, intercourse at some stage in menstruation may be even extra fulfilling than at different instances of the month.
The want for lubrication lessens at some stage in your duration, and having an orgasm can soothe duration-associated signs, including cramps. Plus, a examine posted in Cephalalgia concluded that sexual pastime (whether or not you`re to your duration or now no longer) can also additionally lessen migraine and cluster headache ache for a few.
“Sex is a regular a part of existence and must be loved with the aid of using all ladies,” says Carrie Coleman, MD, an ob-gyn at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “Basically, making sure you’ve got got correct birth control and sexually transmitted contamination (STI) prevention at some point of the menstrual cycle must make it even extra secure and enjoyable.”
But earlier than having intercourse, make certain you apprehend the dangers of STIs, different infections, and being pregnant — even at some stage in your duration.
Here`s what you want to recognize approximately having secure duration intercourse.
Infection Risk From Sex During Your Period
It`s vital to exercise secure intercourse at the same time as you`re having your duration due to the fact you can nevertheless get or transmit an STI, like HIV, at some stage in this time, in step with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus and different pathogens can be found in menstrual blood. Therefore, docs strongly inspire the usage of a condom to lower this hazard.
Lauren Streicher, MD, a scientific professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Northwestern University`s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, says that anecdotally speaking, there are motives for this hazard. “Any physical fluid can deliver HIV or [other] STIs, and [during your period], the cervix opens slightly, which would possibly permit viruses to by skip through,” she says. “My message to ladies is you`re now no longer off the hook as a ways as the usage of protection.”
You can also be extra liable to a few infections in well-known at the moment. Your vagina keeps a pH degree of 3.eight to 4.five at some point of the month, in step with the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ (ACOG). But at some stage in menstruation, that degree rises due to the better pH degree of blood, and yeast is capable of develop extra rapidly.
Symptoms of a vaginal yeast contamination are much more likely to arise the week earlier than your menstrual duration, and sex at some stage in this time can exacerbate signs. But clean proof is missing for any extended hazard of having a yeast contamination when you have intercourse at some stage in your duration.
There’s additionally the scary UTI. “Some ladies may be extra liable to having urinary tract infections after sex,” says Dr. Coleman. “This is maximum probably associated with micro organism being capable of without problems tour to the bladder with sex, however it is able to take place at any factor at some stage in the menstrual cycle.”
Risk of Pregnancy During Your Period
Yes, you may get pregnant if you have duration intercourse, particularly when you have a shorter menstrual cycle (21 to 24 days) and you’ve intercourse in the direction of the quit of your duration. Sperm can continue to be possible for your vagina for as much as 5 days, so being pregnant is possible, and it`s critical to retain to apply beginning manage.
Less Need for Vaginal Lubrication
You`re much less probably to want lubricants in case you have interaction in sex at some stage in menstruation, due to the fact menstrual discharge has a tendency to offer sufficient lubrication. If you do want a lubricant, then “water-primarily based totally lubricants are broadly to be had and secure each for intercourse and for condoms,” says ob-gyn James Simon, MD, a scientific professor of obstetrics and genecology on the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. “Silicone and hybrid lubricants which might be water-primarily based totally and silicone-primarily based totally are likewise secure for each intercourse and condoms. Oil-primarily based totally lubricants, particularly mineral oil-primarily based totally lubricants, can become worse condoms — growing the hazard of breakage — and aren’t endorsed with latex condoms,” he says.
Period Sex as a Pain Reliever
If you revel in signs including cramping, emotions of sadness, or melancholy at some stage in your duration, having intercourse at the moment can be beneficial. Dr. Streicher says that due to the fact orgasms launch endorphins — experience-correct hormones like oxytocin and dopamine — in theory, los angeles petite morte can also lower a few duration signs, despite the fact that there hasn`t been any particular studies helping this. Still, “there`s no damage in trying,” she says.
Women who’ve endometriosis, on the opposite hand, can also additionally revel in extra ache and different signs once they have their duration, in addition to ache that takes place with sexual pastime or orgasm. However, remedies are to be had, and intercourse doesn`t should hurt. Talk in your physician as quickly as possible; the sooner you communicate up, the earlier you may experience higher and revel in intercourse again.
Sexual Arousal During Your Period
You can also additionally experience extra sexually aroused and touchy at some stage in this time of the month due to the adjustments for your hormone levels. Some ladies revel in an extended feeling of congestion within side the pelvic area, which also can ramp up your intercourse drive. But for a few ladies, this more sensitivity can also additionally make it uncomfortable to have intercourse at some stage in your duration. (If you don`t like having intercourse if you have your duration, there are beginning manage alternatives which could make your duration shorter, lighter, or much less frequent, or maybe get rid of your duration altogether.)

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