Mothers influence their children’s IQ level – Forensic Psychologist

“Whether a child gets a high IQ or goes crazy depends a lot on the mother because she’s always with the child.” This was stated by the American Ghanaian forensic psychologist Dr. Kwame Agyemang Boakye Danqua. He made the revelation on Thursday when he turn up on a personal Joy FM profile hosted by Lexis Bill. Dr. Boaquier Danqua described how his mother contributed to his upbringing by instilling discipline in him.

The forensic psychologist, who was born and raised in Accra among 10 other siblings, said that if it wasn’t for her mother, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

He paid glowing tribute to her saying, “I hold mothers in high esteem for the love they show their kids because of what my mom did for me. She taught me to fight my own battles and never to depend on anyone or walk in another`s shadow.`

Mothers Determine Children’s IQ Levels Forensic Psychologist Dr Boakye Danquah, who last year received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the US President’s Voluntary Service Awards (PVSA) for impacting lives and bringing about change in the diaspora community , said that although his father provided money for the maintenance of the house and taught him not to harbor fear in his life, he was not always with his children.

Therefore, he urges fathers not only to provide money to buy a house but also to be with their children because “the care, education, safety that fathers give their children are the things that bring them to life future. He reiterated that “the presence of a father has the greatest impact in a child’s life”.

Dr. Kwame Agyemang Boakye Danquah is the Chairman of the Ghana Advocacy Group (GAG). He is a forensic psychologist and fraud investigator, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the US President’s Voluntary Service Awards (PVSA).

Before that, he received a gold medal in the same program. The event took place at the Hilton Long Island Hotel in New York on December 2, 2022. Through the Ghana Advocacy Group (GAG), an expert think tank he has established for Ghanaians living in the diaspora as well as in Ghana to dialogue and engage in development issues.

Development facing Ghana and Africa as a whole, Dr Boakye Danquah has been instrumental in making the Year of Return, Ghana 2019, dedicated to Africans in the Overseas Community to unite Africans on the continent with Africans in the diaspora.

Dr. Danquah was the first Ghanaian in the United States to use a beauty pageant to promote Ghana’s cultural and tourism potential to the expat community.

He was received the highest honor given to a Ghanaian in the United States by Lieutenant General Joseph Henry Smith, former Ghanaian Ambassador to the United States, for his outstanding work in promoting Ghana’s culture and tourism through means such as the country’s online radio station, Ghana Tourist Coach Radio

Additionally, in recognition of his outstanding service and commitment to the community, the Mayor of Baltimore awarded him an Executive Citation in the Men Impact Change 2018 Business and Legacy Building Honoree.

This year, the Aisha Braveboy Friends Campaign Office thanked Dr. Aisha for his dedication and continued support of the Aisha Braveboy campaign. Awarded to Boakye Danqua. He is also a business mogul with companies in tourism, healthcare, insurance, media and telecommunications.

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