Buckingham Palace on high security alert after a man was arrested out the Palace

Police said a controlled explosion occurred and a man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace after hurling bullets suspected of being shotguns into the palace grounds. Scotland Yard said a fence was set up after the man was arrested around 7:00pm BST on Tuesday after approaching the palace gates.

He was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon. There were no reports of shootings or injuries among officers or the public.

Police said they did not consider the incident to be terrorism-related. It is understood he is being treated as an isolated mental health incident.

Police later said the man was searched and found a knife, but he was not carrying a gun. The arrest comes just four days before the king’s coronation an event that will be attended by world leaders and other royals from around the world.

The Metropolitan Police said the man was also found in possession of a suspicious bag. A controlled explosion was carried out as a precaution after being appraised by experts.

The King and Queen were not at Buckingham Palace at the time of their arrest. Police Chief Joseph McDonald said: “Officers immediately worked to apprehend the man and he was taken into custody.

“There have been no reports of gunfire, nor any injuries to officers or members of the public. “Officers remain at the scene and further investigations are ongoing.”

BBC royal producer Sarah Parrish was in the broadcast area outside Buckingham Palace when she was told to leave and wait outside.

She told the BBC News Channel that those being evacuated “heard a controlled explosion and then we were allowed to turn around”.

Suspected pistol cartridges have been reclaim and will be examined by experts. Roads have now reopened and fences have been removed.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment. A steel ring is expected in the capital for the coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Police Secretary Chris Philp described it as a “massive police operation”.

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