United States imposes visa ban on people who messed up Nigeria’s recent general election

US impose visa restrictions on those who obstructed Nigeria’s recent general election. In a statement posted on the US State Department’s website, Secretary of State Antony Binken said “the United States is committed to supporting and promoting democracy in Nigeria and around the world.”

Blinken clarified that the visa ban is specific to certain individuals and is not targeted at Nigerians or the Nigerian government in general. These individuals, under U.S. immigration and citizenship law, will be subject to U.S. visa restrictions under the policy of covering those suspected of being responsible or complicit in violations of democracy. , the statement said.

“These individuals have engaged in intimidation of voters through physical threats and violence, vote manipulation, and other activities that undermine Nigeria’s democratic process,” Blinken said. .

The decision to act to impose visa restrictions, he said, reflects the United States’ continued commitment to supporting Nigeria’s aspirations to strengthen democracy and the rule of law.

However, the United States did not name the Nigerians affected by the latest visa ban, although several Nigerians, including the controversial Lagos bus transport director Musiliu Akinsanya, are commonly known. c as MC Oluomo, was filmed threatening potential voters.

Nigeria’s most recent presidential election, held on 25 February, was marred by a number of irregularities, including violent groups.

The election made Bola Tinubu the president-elect. He will be sworn in on May 29, although his two main rivals are running in court.

Nigerian authorities have yet to respond to the US visa ban announcement.

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