Morocco launches prototype hydrogen car HUV

Moroccan entrepreneurs have unveiled a prototype hydrogen car made in Morocco.
According to King Mohammed VI, these projects are an important step forward for the country and will strengthen the “Made In Morocco” brand.

During the presentation, the King reviewed the car model “Neo Motors”, a company owned by the Moroccan capital, as well as the prototype of a hydrogen-powered vehicle created by NamX, called Xe hydrogen powered (HUV).

The manufacturers specify that the HUV model will be equipped with a central hydrogen reservoir, supplemented by six removable capsules to provide a high degree of autonomy and facilitate rapid hydrogen refueling during Few minute.

Mean while, Nassim Belkhayat and Annajah were honored by King Mohammed VI with the Wissam Al Kafaa Al Fikria award.

Technologies patented by NamX’s includes a six removable capsules and stationary hydrogen tank. Scheduled to launch in 2025, NamX addresses growing demand for hydrogen and hybrid cars amid an increasingly mainstream transition to clean energy sources and global decarbonisation. Around the world.

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