A Ghanaian in the United States shot and killed his wife for leaving him for her ex-husband

A Ghanaian resident in the United States, Kwabena Michael Amoako, attempted to take his wife’s life before taking his own life with a murder – suicide. The incident came after allegations surfaced that his wife was planning to leave him for an ex-lover.

The couple, who reside in Columbus, Ohio, have four children together. According to US media outlet MyFox28 Columbus, law enforcement responded to reports of domestic violence around 10:36 pm.

Upon arrival, they discovered the lifeless bodies of 49-year-old Kwabena Michael Amoako and his 50-year-old wife with serious injuries.

The injured woman was taken to Methodist Riverside Hospital, where she remains in a critical condition. Michael Montgomery, a neighbor who witnessed the aftermath, revealed the couple’s children asked him for help after hearing gunshots and being locked out of the house by their father.

Montgomery said: “The 16-year-old said they were arguing when they heard two knocks on the door, ran out the door and came here. They heard gunfire and Dad wouldn’t let them in, so they knocked on the door.

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