Flood victims blame eastern DRC aid fraud

Communities affected by floods and landslides last month in the eastern DRC denounced the distribution of aid in the area. Members of the survivors’ group say the crisis management committee responsible for distributing government aid is profiting from the crisis.

“Here, we found a lot of dead bodies as the machine ran through (excavator, editor’s note.) There were at least 13 corpses that we found. We found empty barrels, alcohol. , money, clothes too, mattress was damaged… but it’s on the other side,” said Crispin Chiringa, a Bushushu survivor who lost several family members.

A few days after the disaster, the Congolese government announced aid to 200 affected families in the amount of 2.5 million Congolese francs (approximately €1,000.00 per family,) per household. family. “They embezzled the money themselves , they told us,

They only gave us 380,000 (Congo francs – about 150 € – instead of 2,500,000 – about 990 € – announced by the government). , editor’s note).

They told us that all the money was distributed, but they embezzled. I went to sign (list of beneficiaries, editor’s note) they stopped me (withdrawal of money, editor’s note), they said I stole this token (allowed aid withdrawal, editor’s note)”, denounced Namavu Luitire, a woman from Nyamukubi who had lost her husband and children in the disaster.

The victims’ allegations are being investigated by a lawyer working for a congressman. “We have information that even bags of rice, flour bags, blankets and women’s clothing have been discovered in the Kalehe Center, while women in Nyamukubi and women in Bushushu are the direct victims. of this flood, you see, they spent the night on the ground, not even having anything to eat,” said attorney Eric Dunia.

People still who are missing is about 2,500 Official figures say 443 people were killed.

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