Rammstein Band: Till Lindemann face charges over sexual assault by German police

Law enforcement agent in Germany have begin investigations into the suspected sexual assault of Till Lindemann, the front-man of metal band Rammstein. Some women claim to have been recruited to have sex at concerts.

One fan, Shelby Lynn, from Northern Ireland, recently told the BBC she believes her drink was laced with stimulants and “prepared for sex”. Mr Lindemann, 60, has denied the allegations, with his lawyers calling the claims ‘without exception false’.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office said: “Preliminary proceedings have been started against Till Lindemann on charges related to sex crimes and drug distribution.”

According to AFP news agency, prosecutors have opened their own investigation as well as “based on a number of third-party criminal complaints”, referring to people not directly involved in the alleged cases.

Ms Lynn, 24, first posted her social media account last month and later told the BBC there was an “organized girls channel system” and she was featured in a small part concert in Lithuania, but had already left when Mr. Lindemann arrived. because she suspected it was “a sexual thing”.

Shelby Lynn, 24, from Ballymena, went to see Rammstein’s concert in Vilnius in May

His accusations have sparked another wave of allegations of sexual misconduct, with some – like Ms Lynn – suspecting they were prescreened on social media by a Russian woman, supposedly Mr Lindemann’s ‘recruiters’ who invited them for shows and parties.

A spokesman for the group told the BBC it was conducting an internal investigation into the allegations and was interviewing staff and crew as part of the investigation.

The German industrial metal band, formed in 1993 and known for their theatrical performances and controversial lyrics, broke into the top three of the UK Albums Chart with two recent albums. This is their most.

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