Wagner operations in the Central African Republic and Mali will continues says Sergei Lavrov, assures foreign partners

The Head of the Russian diplomatic mission assured us on Monday that the Wagner paramilitary group will continue to operate in Mali and the Central African Republic, adding that its uprising in Russia does not affect relations between Moscow and its allies.

Wagner forces are operating in Mali and the Central African Republic “as instructors. This operations of course continues,” Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RT.

The Russian minister said that Europe and France “have abandoned CAR and Mali”, which have turned to Russia and Wagner to provide military trainers and “guarantee the security of their leaders”.

For the West, Wagner is a tool of Russian influence, intended to advance Moscow’s interests and compete with the interests of Europeans. The armed group is also accused of committing crimes wherever it is deployed and of appropriating natural resources.

Lavrov also believes that the armed uprising of Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigojine and his men deployed in Ukraine will not change anything in Russia’s relations with its allies.

” Foreign partners have called President Vladimir Putin to express their support,” he said. “With partners and friends it doesn’t (it doesn’t change anything, editor’s note).

Other countries, frankly, we don’t really care. Relations with the West are collectively broken, so an episode is more or less …”, the diplomat estimated.

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