Davido’s ‘new cat’ comments provokes response from Burna Boy

Nigerian musician Burna Boy subtly responded to comments from fellow artist Davido calling him and other artists “new cats” while addressing the issue of decentralization in the music industry.

Davido has said that he and Wizkid have paved the way for artists like Rema, Fireboy, Burna Boy, among others, and therefore deserve praise.

His comment did not sit well with many music lovers, who felt that Burna Boy was not the “new cat” type.

However, in a new interview, Burna Boy addressed the comments by subtly noting that he doesn’t consider it a bad term but rather one that makes him look younger.

“It’s good that people think my movement is new. I like this. it makes me young. It means, I can do more, you know. It extended my life,” he said.

Burna Boy went on to say that he’s grateful for the opportunity to create different genres of music, adding that it allows him to experiment. “I feel lucky to be able to do so many different genres.

It would be a waste if I limited myself to only one genre. He added, ”music is more than a genre”.

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