Brazil’s police drugs operation left 45 people dead, aimed condemnation by Brazil’s Justice Minister

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Police raids against drug cartels in three Brazil’s three states have left at least 45 people dead.

During the latest operation in Rio de Janeiro, police said they responded to a shooting in the Complexo da Penha area, which left at least 10 people dead.

Earlier, 14 suspects died in clashes during a five-day police raid in São Paulo state, called Operation Shield.

And in the northeastern state of Bahia, officials say 19 suspects have been killed since Friday.

Fifty-eight people have been arrested during the operation in the state of São Paulo, which began after a special forces policeman was killed in the coastal town of Guarujá on Thursday.

According to local media, police seized 385 kilograms of drugs, as well as guns.

The operation was criticized by Brazil’s Justice Minister Flavio Dino, who said the police response was disproportionate to the crime committed.

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