With subsidies gone; Nigeria is facing fuel shortages

Nigeria is grappling with fuel shortages as winding lines begin to form at gas stations in major cities. It comes a day after President Bola Tinubu announced fuel subsidies during his inauguration speech on Monday.

According to local reports, most of the gas stations were closed while others were open to sell above the approved pump price with a long line of customers. Right from the early morning, before the information was mobilized, petrol stations simultaneously sold at many different prices, but some closed and some increased in the evening.

Some customers have told reporters that they are looking at fuel shortages, so they panic buy. On social media, many Nigerians have posted videos of gas stations increasing prices, in some cases increasing by more than 200%.

Some private bus drivers, on whom many Nigerians rely to get around, are also unable to refuel their vehicles.

This has left people stranded at major bus terminals in the capital Abuja and the country’s largest city, Lagos.

When the state oil company insisted fuel supplies were sufficient and advised against panic buying, some Nigerians expressed frustration at the scarcity. Please help me, my friend wants to know where to buy gasoline with APC price.

In his inaugural address, President Tinubu explained that fuel subsidies were eliminated due to budgetary allocations, pointing out that the system mainly benefits the wealthy and so expensive to maintain. The main oil marketing associations says it did not support President Tinubu’s plan. He said the new government should start a dialogue before making a decision, local media reported.

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