Opportunity to attend 2023 World Athletics Championships Budapest, Hungary

19-27 August 2023

Budapest, Hungary

World’s Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 with the Civil Roads Foundation is happy to announce a good faith partnership to promote social inclusion.

To ensure accessibility and social responsibility, thousands of people, including large families, adopted children, people with disabilities and others in need, will have the opportunity to participate in the free World Championships in August. Respected Paralympic Champion Luca Ekler has been appointed a goodwill ambassador for the initiative.

The organizers of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest have taken their sustainability agenda very seriously, with a particular emphasis on social responsibility and inclusivity. Their goal is to make the biggest sporting event in Hungarian history accessible to all, especially those with various challenges.

To attained this goal, World Athletics Championships 23rd Budapest and the Civil Roads Foundation have begun a goodwill partnership. Thanks to this partnership, thousands of disadvantaged people will be able to compete at the World Championships in August, supported by the Civil Roads Foundation’s network of nearly 50 partner organizations.

This initiative extends its reach to large families, children living in foster homes, people with disabilities, and Covid orphans.


The announcement of this goodwill partnership took place during a press conference held at the National Center for Athletics, in the presence of distinguished guests including Alexandra Szentkirályi, government spokeswoman, Balázs Németh, CEO of Budapest 2023 NZrt, Réka Ruttkay, NGO representing the various Civil Roads organizations.

“Our goal is to make everyone a part of this special event, welcoming the world as one unified community. We believe in building community, spending time together and sharing experiences.

This is exactly what our goodwill partnership with the Civil Roads Foundation represents, as we offer free access to the World Championships to thousands of people in need through the Foundation’s network of 50 partner organisations, said Alexandra Szentkirályi, government spokeswoman.

“Our sustainable program not only includes environmental initiatives such as planting trees, forest restoration and collection of Pet bottles, but also strives for people to approach the world championship, including those who may have barriers when attending.

Through cooperation with Civil Roads, we are proud to bring thousands of people’s chances to witness the miracle of the World Championship in August, the Balaps director of the August and BalapS director of the August and BalapS director of the August 2023 Zrt added.

Luca Ekler, Honorable Paralympic Champion, World and European Champion and Paralympic Athlete World Record Holder from Hungary, has been appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the World Championships.

“As an athlete, I have always supported the importance of acceptance and equal opportunity. I’m exceedingly confident to be an ambassador for the World Athletics Championships.

The World Championships in Budapest will truly be a race of wonders, nine days of unforgettable experiences that everyone should enjoy. I am delighted that through the Goodwill program, thousands of disadvantaged people will have the opportunity to experience this firsthand,” said Luca Ekler.

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