Russian ships attacked in Novorossiysk with drones in the Black Sea, Ukrainian sources say

A Russian Navy ship was damaged in a Ukrainian naval drone strike in the Black Sea, according to Ukrainian sources.

The attack is believed to have taken place near the Russian port of Novorossiysk, a major Russian export hub.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it repelled a Ukrainian attack on a naval base involving two drones at sea, but did not admit damage.

But sources from Ukraine’s security service said Olenegorsky Gornyak was attacked and severely punctured.

They told the sources that a maritime drone was carrying 450 kg (992 lb) of explosives when it hit the ship. Russia did not mention damages in its report on the incident Russia did not mention any damages

Marine drones are small unmanned ships that operate below the surface of water.

Video sent to the reporters by a Ukrainian security service source appears to show the drone approaching a ship believed to be the Olenegorsky Gornyak.

Footage shows a ship moving to its side before losing power, apparently due to a collision.

Another unverified video is said to show a list of ships on one side. Olenegorsky Gornyak is an amphibious ship, designed to launch amphibious forces close to shore for beach landings but also for rapid docking and unloading at ports.

Any damage could hamper Russia’s efforts to resupply forces fighting in occupied southern Ukraine.

The port of Novorossiysk temporarily suspended all vessel movements after the attack, according to the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which loads oil tankers at the port.

Ukraine has carried out at least 10 drone strikes at sea – targeting Russian military ships and naval base in Sevastopol, as well as the port of Novorossiysk in an earlier attack.

This is based on announcements from Russian and Ukrainian authorities and local media reports. Ukrainian defense sources told CNN that naval drones were also used in an attack on the Kerch Bridge in Crimea in July.

This is not the first time Ukraine has attempted to attack the port of Novorossiysk and the reasons are clear.

About 1.8 million barrels of oil are exported every day, or about 2% of world supply.

It is also an important Moscow naval base.

Clashes at sea have escalated in recent weeks, after Russia canceled a United Nations agreement that allowed grain to be safely exported between Russia and Ukraine by sea. Ukrainian ports have been hit by Russian drones, and kyiv appears to have responded.

Moscow is also more willing to concede attacks involving drones at sea than those seen deeper inside Russia.

President Zelensky warned of war “coming to Russia”, although he suggested a peace summit could take place “as early as autumn”.

Neither side seemed too eager to set terms.

Earlier this week, Russia attacked the major Black Sea ports of Odessa and Chornomorsk, where authorities said 60,000 tons of grain had been destroyed, as well as ports on the Danube.

On Friday, Russia also said it shot down 10 Ukrainian drones over Crimea.

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